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Video Library

The video library contains 5 foundational yoga routines to get you practicing regularly so that you become stronger and more efficient both physically as well as mentally. There are different time lengths to suit your schedule and there will be 1-2 NEW routines uploaded every month. This section of the members area will constantly be expanding and providing more content to help more men like you thrive both on and off the mat!

Pose Breakdowns

Learn the poses from the ground up in the pose breakdown section of the library so that you can use them to your advantage safely and effectively.

Lifestyle Tips

Tips on how to bring your yoga off the mat into your daily life to enhance your yoga practice and life even more!

Weekly Motivation

Receive weekly emails from us to keep you focused and progressing in your yoga. Also keeping you in the loop about any new features or updates that happen in the members area.

Functional, straightforward yoga.

You’re here to experience results and that’s what each video is designed for.
Follow along high-quality yoga routines, learn the basics from the ground up, and then progress in your practice at your own pace.

Keep moving forward.

We want you to reach your goals.

Which is exactly why you’ll hear from us weekly in your inbox so that you stay informed and motivated.

Save Money

Get one full month of unlimited access to yoga workouts, lifestyle tips, and weekly motivation for the same cost as a single yoga class.
(or less, depending on your plan selection!)

Save Time

No more wasting time driving to and from the studio or gym. Do your yoga on your time, whenever you want, and save time by focusing on what is functional for men.

The man behind the Members Area for Men.

That would be me. Hey guys, Brad here. I started to practice yoga after I injured myself throwing javelin competitively. At that same time I was pushing my body way too far in my free weight workout regimen and also considered stretching to be a waste of my time (HA! I know it’s ironic).

Through dedicating myself to an almost daily yoga practice alongside other healthier lifestyle habits I was able to heal myself both mentally and physically.  I also realized that my workouts and newer athletic passions (soccer & mountain biking) improved greatly because of my regular yoga practice. My mentality towards life took a turn for the better as well and I started teaching what I’d learned to other men so that they could feel as good as I did.

I have been teaching the men in my classes and online how to excel both on and off their yoga mats for almost 4 years. This members area is just the next step in the evolution of my teaching and I know that I’ll be able to help even more succeed in their yoga practice because of it.

Now that you know what the deal is lets see what you’re capable of!

I look forward to working with you and encourage you to strive for excellence in all areas of your life!

Members Area for Men

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve watched your videos on Youtube and Facebook. What’s different in the Members Area for Men?

The Members Area for Men includes exclusive workouts that are not available on YouTube or other websites. The quality is much higher, the videos are longer and more targeted, and multiple camera angles are included as well.

I’m not sure if I want to commit yet. Should I sign up?

Yes! You can easily cancel your subscription from your account page if you decide that you no longer wish to have your membership.

I’m a woman. Can I join?

Yes, you can. However I highly recommend that you join the Members Area for Women as the yoga routines, lifestyle tips, and motivation provide here are designed specifically for men.


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